Facility monitoring is a critical discipline that offers myriad benefits to building owners and operators. Effective monitoring is the cornerstone of good facility management because it generates tangible data that can be used to improve comfort, reduce energy waste, and extend equipment life. While most buildings have at least some level of building automation system, many systems are inadequate to collect and analyze facility-wide data. Progressive works with our clients to engineer monitoring solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether a system needs to be audited, expanded, re-designed, or replaced, Progressive’s controls experts have the experience it takes to generate results.

Progressive believes that monitoring should be an ongoing effort to maintain and/or improve building performance. Trending and analysis of monitored data creates a baseline that makes it possible to spot deviations from normal operating parameters. It also gives building operators a means to evaluate the success of their efforts to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption. Progressive is a great believer in the old adage, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” That’s why we work hard to help our clients monitor their facilities and provide the best systems possible.

Progressive excels at monitoring applications and has experience with most major brands as well as many smaller systems. Whether we help expand an existing BAS, install temporary removable monitors, or add a new monitoring system, our goal is always to provide relevant data that can help improve performance cost effectively.

Facility Monitoring

Progressive has significant expertise in designing wireless systems to provide monitoring on a building-wide or more limited basis. Wireless systems offer tremendous advantages over hardwired systems in terms of cost, invasiveness, and flexibility. Projects that were not cost-effective only a few years ago are now easy and affordable thanks to wireless technology. Wireless eliminates the expense of wiring, reduces installation time by 80% or more, allows for easy sensor replacement, and limits disruption at the time of installation. Wireless technology is now highly reliable and can be used to monitor any type of point that a hardwired sensor can monitor.