Energy is the single largest controllable operating expense for most businesses. However, many of them do not invest in energy conservation because they do not understand the financial costs and benefits of upgrading their facilities. Progressive specializes in identifying, evaluating, and designing projects that reduce energy expense and generate compelling financial paybacks for our clients.

Progressive excels at performing energy conservation studies that uncover low-risk, high-return energy conservation opportunities. Most facilities contain at least some room for energy efficiency investments with quick payback periods. Such projects not only reduce energy expense but also yield associated “soft” benefits, such as improvements in occupant comfort or equipment operation. Most of our clients want to save energy but are hesitant to invest in upgrades that may not make financial sense. Progressive takes the guesswork out of the equation by analyzing upgrades and providing detailed payback estimates based on comprehensive engineering and financial models. When our clients decide to pursue these opportunities, Progressive generates high-quality designs that ensure the final projects meet our client’s needs, including payback criteria.
Energy meters

Higher energy prices have increased awareness of energy conservation opportunities, but project economics have also been greatly influenced by other factors including advances in equipment efficiency and decreases in the cost of electronic controls. Today’s HVAC and lighting systems now consume significantly less energy than older equipment, enabling one-for-one replacement of hardware that can sometimes be decades old. Similarly, decreases in the cost of energy-saving controls have reduced some payback periods to just 2 years for equipment such as variable frequency drives. Progressive stays abreast of the latest advances in efficient technologies and uses them to engineer top-quality projects with rapid paybacks. Progressive can help clients shrink paybacks even further by locating and applying for generous financial incentives offered by utilities as well as state and federal agencies.