The utility marketplace is becoming more complex and specialized all the time. Rising commodity costs, deregulated supply markets, changes in technology, and the advent of real-time pricing are complicating an already difficult landscape. As the challenges increase, so do the stakes of not addressing utility issues head-on. To succeed in this environment requires a deep understanding of engineering, information technology, and financial modeling. Most businesses lack such multidisciplinary expertise, which is why so many of them call Progressive for a detailed utility evaluation. Progressive’s skilled engineers are experienced with every facet of utility evaluation, so our clients have confidence that they are making the right utility choices for their businesses.
Load Profiling and Tariff Analysis
Understanding your facility’s load profile and how it relates to your utility tariffs are critical to using energy and water wisely. Profiling your building-wide utility load, in addition to other major loads such as chillers, can reveal significant consumption and demand issues including inadequate night setback, poor power factor, leaks, and unnecessary demand peaks. All of these problems represent major financial pitfalls, which is why load analysis is critical to minimizing your monthly bills. Progressive accepts no substitutes for real data when we perform utility evaluations. We have the skilled personnel and the sensitive instrumentation required to gather all the data needed to understand and analyze your building’s loads. Based on our findings, we provide precise, actionable recommendations to correct utility issues cost effectively and create value for your business.
Utility deregulation has created a competitive supply market with brokers, aggregators, marketers, and generators all competing for customer attention and dollars. Progressive helps our clients select providers based on their particular needs, which usually include reliable supply and stable, low prices. For clients that already have suppliers, we review the existing contracts to ensure that they serve our clients’ needs. Most importantly, we work with each client to generate a flexible plan for future growth so they can always be proactive with their utility decisions.
Utility Evaluation

Value-Added Services
Progressive knows that every client requires customized solutions to their utility challenges. Progressive’s experience and depth of knowledge have endowed us with the ability to design projects that address these specific needs. Progressive has provided clients with myriad utility solutions from on-site electric generation to supplemental steam production to condensate recovery systems. Our engineers produce high-quality designs and detailed cost-benefit analyses that comprehensively address our clients’ specific needs.