While the “bread and butter” of most consulting firms is standard engineering and design services, we perform a substantial amount of System Evaluation. In fact, most of the engineering and design services we provide are to fix systems we evaluated.

New Systems Need Evaluation Too
It may come as a surprise that most of the evaluation services we perform are in new construction. In our experience, this is cause by three things:
  1. Commissioning: Technology has revolutionized the HVAC controls market, however there is a shortage of qualified technicians to commission new systems.
  2. Design-Build: These types of jobs are always lacking in planning, designing, and engineering that usually lead to a host of construction problems.
  3. Engineering: Unfortunately there are a lot of engineers providing substandard services.
Solving HVAC Systems Performance Issues
Progressive has an extensive inventory of cutting edge instrumentation to aid us in identifying HVAC system performance problems. Our team of technicians has the analytical skills to measure, document, troubleshoot and solve your HVAC problems.

Lance taking a reading

Our System Evaluation services include: In addition to these services, Progressive is prepared to purchase any instrumentation necessary to solve performance problems on HVAC systems, environmental control systems or other systems. While our inventory of equipment is quite impressive, we are always eager to acquire new toys and put them to use.