Equipment optimization is a low-risk, high-return process that for greater energy efficiency and conservation, extends equipment life, reduces maintenance costs, and improves uptime. While the word optimization covers a wide variety of strategies and improvements, its goal is always the same: to ensure that equipment’s output matches its load at the lowest overall lifecycle cost. But equipment optimization should not be seen as a one-time effort. Rather, it is a continuing process to ensure that equipment stays inside of its optimal operating parameters on an ongoing basis. Facility monitoring and preventative maintenance are critical components to the long-term success of any optimization project.

Progressive’s team of skilled engineers has significant equipment optimization experience in a wide range of applications. From preliminary investigation, through testing, to strategy development and implementation, Progressive has the experience and knowledge to develop cost-effective solutions to optimize any type of equipment. Progressive can help shield your business from rising energy and maintenance costs by optimizing the equipment that you already own and operate.

Equipment optimization upgrades often fall into one of three categories: changes to the actual equipment, changes to the equipment’s controls, or changes to the operating procedures thereof. Let us take the example of a packaged rooftop unit that serves a variable air volume HVAC system. Even though the building served by the unit may be generally comfortable, the unit may be consuming far too much energy for the job it is supposed to do. Does the supply air fan run at constant speed? Does the supply air temperature setpoint remain fixed? Does the fresh air damper lack modulating controls? Do the compressors run on “free cooling” days? If the answer to even one of these questions in yes, the unit is in need of equipment optimization.

Equipment Optimization

Equipment optimization is a good idea for all facility managers and plant operators because it is low-risk, yet can provide extraordinary value. Equipment optimization tends to yield very short payback periods because most improvements are low-cost, yet can have a major impact on energy bills. Just consider all of the pitfalls embedded in the complexity of your central plant. . Is anyone really responsible for optimizing all of your equipment? One wrong schedule means that your boiler will run all weekend. One bad setpoint results in hot air being blown into your building in the middle of summer. One stuck damper can make your compressors work overtime, even in the dead of winter. Progressive knows that even small problems can turn into big expenses, so call us to learn how we can help optimize your equipment and start saving money today.