What is system optimization? Simply put, system optimization is the process of matching a system’s inputs to its required outputs. It may sound easy, but most systems are not optimized and thus are not operating at peak efficiency. Progressive excels at system optimization because we understand that modern building systems are more than the sum of their parts. Even if each piece of equipment in a system is functional, the system as a whole may be underperforming in terms of energy consumption, operating costs, thermal comfort, or equipment wear and tear. The root causes of these problems can be many, but commonly include changes in building usage, equipment performance, control strategies, or operating parameters.

The goal of system optimization is to unlock the hidden value in your facility by minimizing energy cost, assuring proper system performance, and preventing costly equipment failures. Progressive’s skilled engineers are specialists in evaluating system performance and the circumstances behind it. Progressive works to develop solutions to successfully optimize systems and to help ensure future performance standards. Progressive begins every system optimization project with a detailed audit of existing equipment components, operating parameters, design guidelines, maintenance problems, complaints, and other relevant factors. We also look carefully at other information that can impact optimization, such as utility rates that can be favorable to load shedding or load shifting.
Large pipes - system throughput

Following this investigation, Progressive analyzes the available data, often using computer models and simulations to aid its work. Once Progressive identifies and quantifies the opportunity, we design a comprehensive solution to address it. Since no two projects are the same, we tailor our recommendations to our clients’ specific systems and requirements. Some solutions, such as controls strategies and changes to operating parameters, are low-cost and easy to implement. Others, including equipment replacement and piping re-design, can be more costly and require extensive engineering. Regardless of the final solution, Progressive always strives to deliver exceptional value for our clients in every system optimization engagement.