In a general sense, retro-commissioning is a tune-up of a building and its systems. Like any mechanical device, building systems lose efficiency and effectiveness over time. Retro-commissioning is an exhaustive examination of the facility HVAC systems and components (HVAC Commissioning). Essentially, it is the systematic process of optimizing the performance of a building (Building Commissioning). The optimal performance is established by understanding the owner’s requirements and finding the most economical and energy efficient way to meet them. The services provided by Progressive Include:
Discovery Phase
  • Review plans to familiarize team with building layout and system types
  • Interview owner and maintenance staff to identify specific problems
  • Interview installing contractor to identify potential problems
  • Investigate entire system, paying special attention to specific problems
  • Document and test system performance
  • Analyze collected data and generate performance report
  • Report findings to owner
  • Compare to owners requirements
Retro-Commissioning: Building & HVAC Commissioning

  • Propose solutions
  • Design solutions
In summary, if your building systems are not functioning properly and you are experiencing higher than normal utility bills it may be time for retro-commissioning.