Chances are that if you operate a building, then you have an air distribution system to service and maintain. Regardless of your business or function, the air distribution system is likely a critical part to the success of your daily procedures. It delivers the heat, air conditioning and ventilation to your building so it must function properly to keep your business running smoothly and your workers happy. A faulty air distribution system can lead to plant shutdown, office closure, and/or early release from school. While the students and workers may enjoy an early dismissal, it is not a recipe for success in any operation. If you have concerns about your system efficiency or reliability, Progressive is qualified to evaluate your system and effect necessary repairs.

Progressive has a broad array of experience in air distribution systems. Whether itís residential HVAC, power plant ventilation, cold roll steel mill exhaust, or just plain office HVAC; we have the technical knowledge to evaluate your needs. We also have a large inventory of test equipment so that we can measure your system performance and tell you your real operating conditions. All guesswork and theory is eliminated and real cost saving measures can be implemented to improve your system efficiency and performance.
Gil inspecting air duct

We are the experts in solving indoor air quality (IAQ) and Sick Building Syndrome problems. With a staff of professional engineers, computer programmers, and controls technicians we can troubleshoot the most complex of air distribution systems and implement effective cost saving strategies.