Forensics is a critical engineering discipline that uncovers the root causes of serious equipment problems and failures. Forensics is described as both “art and science” by the National Academy of Forensic Engineers because it demands a deep understanding of engineering principles as well as keen intuition that can only be developed from experience. Progressive’s team possesses this combination of knowledge and expertise, enabling us to perform a wide variety of electrical and mechanical forensic investigations. At our disposal is an impressive array of data loggers, meters, instruments, and gauges that empower our engineers to perform the highest caliber of field data collection and analysis.

Progressive treats the site of a forensic investigation with the same respect that a forensic detective treats a crime scene. Such engagements can be part of the litigation process and, given the magnified stakes, need to meet the highest standards of research, clarity, and precision. Even when no litigation is involved, attention to detail is critical because costly equipment and systems—or even human life itself—may be at continued risk. Progressive’s work with a wide range of systems and processes has endowed us with the ability to understand and reverse engineer a wide range of problems and failures. We have even resolved several projects that other engineering firms were unable to complete.

In our forensic work, Progressive begins every engagement with observations, interviews, and investigation at the site of the incident. In all cases, we emphasize data gathering, quantitative analyses, and testing to provide as much support as possible for our findings. Following our field work, we analyze all available data, perform any required research, and make a determination of the cause. Once the cause is clearly identified, Progressive provides whatever follow-on support our clients need. Whether it be system re-design, comprehensive report writing, expert testimony, or litigation support, Progressive stands by our findings and supports our clients’ needs throughout all phases of the forensic process.