In simple terms, testing and balancing is fine-tuning air distribution and hydronic systems that have been installed. Like cars and airplanes and any other mechanical device, an HVAC system should be tested and balanced to achieve optimal performance. Systems that are not tested and balanced will always lead to problems. Problems that will be experienced include:

  • Increased energy consumption resulting in higher utility bills
  • Early equipment replacement
  • High equipment maintenance
  • Occupant discomfort and the resulting complaints
Contractors often eliminate testing and balancing because equipment manufacturers tell them that their product is factory calibrated and will function as designed after installation.While it is true that the equipment is factory tested and calibrated, it can and quite often does lose its calibration during shipping.

Tracer Testing Equipment

It is for this reason alone that many systems “never” perform as intended, even if it is sized and installed correctly. A small investment in testing and balancing up front can save a lot of headaches for a lot of people in the future. Progressive has the staff and tools to properly test and balance air distribution and hydronic systems.