No project succeeds without qualified project management. Progressive’s team of professionals has the experience to guide all types of jobs to completion. Small or large, simple or complex, one trade or many, we provide the expertise to help complete your project as efficiently as possible. We sweat every detail to make sure that we deliver the highest level of service.

Progressive excels at all stages of project management, always remembering one key principle: manage every project as if it were your own. Since Progressive is, first and foremost, an engineering firm, we are able to provide targeted, value-added services that ordinary construction management firms cannot. We go beyond the standard scope of project management to provide engineering support, equipment evaluation, and complete commissioning. When we leave a job site, our clients can be confident not just that their job was installed, but that it was installed right.

We Listen to Our Clients
Progressive’s clients’ goals are as diverse as their projects. To satisfy their needs, Progressive begins all engagements with a detailed conversation about our clients’ requirements and vision for their projects. Some clients need projects done immediately while others have longer timelines. Some need to minimize first cost while others are intently focused on lifecycle economics. Some require standard space conditioning while others have rigorous specifications for critical industrial processes. By listening to our clients and always aligning our services with their needs, Progressive ensures that we serve their interests in every project, from bid package to punchlisting.
Our Framework for Professional Results
Progressive’s team produces professional results by following the same principles in every engagement, regardless of project scope. This conceptual framework emphasizes quality, value, and service at each stage of every project:
  • Evaluate constructability, feasibility, design, and timeline
  • Review lifecycle costing vs. value engineering
  • Produce clear, detailed bid packages
  • Manage the bidding process for price and quality
  • Negotiate and administer contracts
  • Hold regular contractor progress meetings
  • Monitor and approve required change orders
  • Verify that installation meets design criteria
  • Commission all equipment and systems
  • Perform comprehensive close-out / punchlisting
If you have a construction project that needs management, call Progressive today. Our trained professionals are ready to help ensure that your project is a success.

Project management - laptop and schematics