Progressive maintains highly qualified designers and engineers to support our piping design functions. These professionals have participated in projects for the petrochemical, chemical, industrial, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. Our capabilities include design of "grassroots" facilities as well as rehabilitation and retrofit work on existing facilities.

Together with our process engineering and instrumentation engineering personnel, the piping design leader directs the production of the detailed piping system design. The engineer supports this design activity with the development of specifications for piping materials and piping specialty items, and where applicable, performance of code reviews. If required, the engineer performs calculations and analysis of piping systems with severe temperature gradients to provide system design guidance.

Piping designers work in concert with structural personnel. This allows an optimal physical design to be accomplished from both the piping and structural support viewpoints. The combination has the ability to develop standard supports and/or custom designed supports based on the piping system requirements.
Piping Design

In addition to process piping, the piping group routinely provides design and specification of utility piping systems on all projects receiving these services.