Progressive has designed and engineered heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems for virtually every type of industrial application. Many of these projects require innovative solutions to unusual HVAC problems created by special process criteria, manufacturing area ventilation requirements, dust and particulate loading, severe climatic conditions, and toxic or explosive hazards. Typical of our work in this area is the design and engineering of sophisticated air handling and filtration systems involving:
  • Sensitive process requirements for air movement and/or humidity control
  • Hazardous materials in research and development facilities
  • Sterile environments for pharmaceutical processes
  • Dust collection, environmental control, and air purification systems involving fume removal, air purification, and scrubbing
The HVAC units are designed to have included mechanical dehumidifiers, back-flow preventers, differential pressures and high efficiencies of new methods of air handling and pressure control through the use of automatic and manual devices.

Many of the HVAC units were designed to provide for two distinct modes of operation: one for normal conditions and one for emergency conditions. Under normal conditions, standard airflows and pressures are maintained. Under emergency conditions, actuated either automated or manually, new air conditions are established to provide specific pressures and air flows required to prevent the spread of contamination.
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In the design of finished pharmaceutical facilities, Progressive recognizes the importance of clean room design from the HVAC point of view. We have designed ventilation systems for clean room environments to protect the purity of the products as well as the health and safety of plant personnel. These systems have included mechanical dehumidifiers and high efficiency filters to control strict environmental conditions.