Plumbing and fire protection design have become critical parts of many projects performed by Progressive. With the construction of new facilities and renovation of existing facilities, plumbing and fire protection issues must be addressed quickly and effectively to meet the demands of the project schedule.

While most projects rely on water supplied by public authorities, it is of vital importance to understand the availability and relationship to the demand required by the plumbing and fire protection systems.

Progressive employs plumbing designers and engineers with experience in domestic water, sanitary, natural gas and fire protection systems. Typical work in these areas involve:
  • Domestic water booster pump systems
  • Back flow prevention
  • Hot water generation and distribution
  • Sanitary sewer design with invert elevations
  • Indirect waste handling
  • Fire pumps
  • Hose stations
  • Fire protection zoning
  • Double interlocked pre-action systems for critical areas such as computer rooms, elevator machine rooms and elevator shafts or hoistways
Fire Protection & Plumbing

Due to ever evolving codes and regulations, elevator machine rooms and shafts or hoistways present an area of fire protection which to date has been overlooked. While many of these new codes and regulations have not been adopted or have been in a limited capacity, high-rise buildings will soon be affected by these changes. Progressive has experience in providing solutions for these elevator protection issues and offers services to help building owners and managers address these life safety concerns.