Gil Schonour, PE


Gil Schonour, PE is the founding principal of Progressive Engineering & Design, Inc. His career represents over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering, project management, commissioning & retro-commissioning. His certification in NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau) Building System Commissioning of HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection Systems is a testament to his commitment to quality and practical knowledge of the engineering industry.

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Joel Schwartz

Electrical Engineer

Joel Schwartz is the latest member to join Progressive Engineering & Design, Inc. His career represents over 20 years of experience in electrical engineering including electrical, power, security, fire alarm, and communications. His chief responsibilities include managing all aspects of electrical engineering and design projects.

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Russell Watters

Project Engineer

Russell Watters’ chief responsibility is project engineering and project management. While the majority of his time is spent on jobsites providing technical assistance, he also assists in the design phase of mechanical engineering projects. He recently achieved his NEBB Building Systems Commissioning Supervisor certification which is a testament to his commitment to excellence.

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Daniel Schaible

Senior Designer/Technician

Daniel Schaible is responsible for engineering and design of mechanical and plumbing systems. In addition to engineering and design he is also responsible for performing field surveys, testing and balancing for the purpose troubleshooting systems and writing reports.

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Rafael Martinez

Controls Engineer

Rafael is responsible for engineering, designing, troubleshooting and programming controls systems. His technical knowledge of both controls programming and the HVAC industry makes him an exceptional asset on commissioning projects.

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Tony Myers


Tony Myers is responsible for preparing construction documents for mechanical and plumbing projects. In addition to design services he has a broad array of experience in troubleshooting HVAC systems. His ability to operate Progressive’s large inventory of test equipment makes him a valuable asset in solving problem HVAC systems.

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Lance Schonour

CAD Operator/Technician

Lance Schonour is responsible for drafting on mechanical, electrical and plumbing design projects. In addition to drafting he also operates Progressive’s test equipment and provides technical assistance on commissioning and retro-commissioning projects.

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