Combustion Gas Analyzer:



Recording Ammeter:

The Amprobe Recording Ammeter can measure "power" in Watts, Vars, VA and Power Factor and "energy consumption" in KW-HR's, demand or non-demand. It has both internal storage for datalogger capabilities or it can transmit data to an external datalogger. It's a powerful tool when combined with a ultrasonic flowmeter for chiller or boiler certifications. The recording feature can also be useful in identifying usage patterns and power consumption on any electrical equipment or systems.



The Alnor Balometer is specifically designed to measure airflow quantities from grilles, registers and diffusers. Unlike most of our instruments, it reads the quantities in volume and makes balancing an HVAC system a breeze.


Ultrasonic Flowmeter:

The Controlotron 1010 Ultrasonic Flowmeter is the crown of the Progressive tool box. For beginners it is actually two channel flow meter, meaning it is actually two separate meters in a single box. This is perfect for certifying chiller performance because it allows us to simultaneously read and record both chilled and condenser water flow. (For more on this topic see chiller certification in the home menu). We have multiple sets of transducers that allow us to read the flow in any pipe form 1/2" to 120". We also have a wall thickness transducer that measures the thickness of pipe walls to 1/100 of an inch. This allows us to assess the condition of pipe without having to cut the pipe or take a sample. The meter can datalog its own information for downloading into a computer but it also can transmit a proportional signal to a remote data logger or controller.


Hydronic Manometer:

The Alnor Hydronic Manometer HM680 is a state of the art tool used for balancing hydronic systems. But we bought the cheapest kind so we make more profit.This meter is used to set and verify flows and pressures through control valves, orifice plates, and venturis. Facilities that are properly balanced experience peak comfort conditions as well as peak energy efficiency.